On November 13th 2016, the Hillsdale Police Department will be hosting "Coffee with a Cop" at Starbucks of Hillsdale from 11:00am-1:00pm. The event is designed to be an agenda free meeting between...

Chief Francaviglia along with the Hillsdale Police Traffic Division are proud to announce their "Solar Traffic/Pedestrian Safety Initiative".

The new stop signs placed at Washington Avenue...

The Hillsdale Police Department  is proud to annouce or first "Public Service Announcement" This announcement showcases the Hillsdale Police Department is this is one of several videos planned...

The Hillsdale Police Department, maintains a "Safe Exchange Zone" at the Hillsdale Police Station. This zone is to help ensure that buyers and sellers of good have a safe location in which to...



05/22/2017 - 19:49
300 miles, 4 days and we made it to National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial. Thank you for all of your... https://t.co/h8oCkhumbZ
05/12/2017 - 16:56

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Municipal Parking Permits

National Drug Take Back April 30th 2016

The Hillsdale Police Department will once again participate in the National Drug Take back day sponsored by the DEA. We will be collecting drugs at police headquarters from 10am-2pm on April 30th.  We are not allowed to accept liquids or hypodermic syringes.

Zero Tolerance for Halloween and Mischief Night

This year the Hillsdale Police Department will be conducting a Zero Tolerance Policy this year during “Mischief Night” and Halloween (October 30th and 31st). This policy is vital for the safety of our children and the protection of property. We are urging parents to take an active role in order to assist us in this endeavor.

Hillsdale Police Department Annual Report 2014

As the ninth Police Chief of Hillsdale, I have been responsible for this department since August 1, 2014 and it has been my privilege and honor to be in this position. This is my first annual report that I have completed as Chief, I hope you find it informative and insightful in gaining an understanding of the functions and duties of the department.

The members of this department are strongly committed to the concepts of serving and protecting you and your families. The officers take serious responsibility of the community caretaker function.

George White Traffic Pattern

The Hillsdale Police Department will be launching a new traffic pattern at the George G. White Middle School for student drop off and pick up times. The traffic pattern will increase the safety of the students as well as allowing for a better flow of vehicles around the school area.


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