Notify the Neighbor

Giving advance notice of a party or event is in everyone’s best interest. A few days before the event, give your surrounding neighbor’s a heads up, especially about start times and potential end times is helpful and can reduce complaints to the police. People like to be kept informed and the more they know the less likely they will be to complain about your event.  A note (see sample attached) placed in someone’s mail box or speaking with your neighbors is all it takes. If your neighbors are close friends consider inviting them to the event. Remember you not asking for permission you are being courteous and informing them that there will be music and people in the neighborhood.

This being said, the residents hosting the party should be aware of the local noise ordinance Chapter 208. This ordinance sets the guidelines for what is an acceptable amount of noise and what time that noise is acceptable until.

The persons hosting the party are responsible for the people they serve and should make optional transportation arrangements for persons enjoying the party and who have over indulged.  Alternate transportation can be arranged through local cab companies or online transportation and ride sharing services. If the event goes beyond the scope of what was advertised please contact the Hillsdale Police Department at 201-664-4200 and we will assist you.  

Please be responsible!  



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