The time to hit the brake to slow down is not after you see one of our police cars, it's before it.
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Hillsdale DPW will be plowing that first thing in morning.
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Zero Tolerance for Halloween and Mischief Night

This year the Hillsdale Police Department will be conducting a Zero Tolerance Policy this year during “Mischief Night” and Halloween (October 30th and 31st). This policy is vital for the safety of our children and the protection of property. We are urging parents to take an active role in order to assist us in this endeavor.


National Drug Take Back September 26 2015

The Hillsdale Police Department is pleased to announce that we will again be particpating in the National Drug Take Back. The Hillsdale Police will be collecting all your unused, expired or unwanted drugs at police headquarters from  10am-2pm.  Unfortuneately we do not accept syringes.

If you cant drop off your drugs at that time, you can always dispose of your drugs 24/7 at the Rivervale Police Department. 

Hillsdale Police Department Annual Report 2014

As the ninth Police Chief of Hillsdale, I have been responsible for this department since August 1, 2014 and it has been my privilege and honor to be in this position. This is my first annual report that I have completed as Chief, I hope you find it informative and insightful in gaining an understanding of the functions and duties of the department.

The members of this department are strongly committed to the concepts of serving and protecting you and your families. The officers take serious responsibility of the community caretaker function.


George White Traffic Pattern

The Hillsdale Police Department will be launching a new traffic pattern at the George G. White Middle School for student drop off and pick up times. The traffic pattern will increase the safety of the students as well as allowing for a better flow of vehicles around the school area.

Ride Along Program

In an effort to provide residents of town with a better look at police work, the Hillsdale Police Department has instituted a Ride-Along Program . Residents of town will actually ride with an officer in a patrol car. The Officer will demonstrate many of the activities related to law enforcement. However, the following criteria will apply and participants will be required to follow certain guidelines and restrictions.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
Participants must be Hillsdale residents.

Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Coffee with a Cop

In June of 2013, the Hillsdale Police Department, adopted a new and innovative community outreach program. The program known as "Coffee with a Cop" is a program created to foster greater community relations. The "Coffee with a Cop" program originated out of the Hawthorne Police Department in California and has seen adoption across the country. The core idea of the "Coffee with a Cop" program is that residents can approach and interact with police officer in a friendly and informal atmosphere.


Vacant Home Form

Please fill out the below form completely. The Hillsdale Police will conduct periodic checks on your home. When you return from your trip, simply give us a telephone call and we will remove your house from the list.


Please provide all information that could be used to contact a person that has access to your home while you are away. This person should have keys and alarms codes to the home if applicable.
Please advise us if you have an alarm system and what company administers your alarm. DO NOT Put sensitive information such as alarm codes in this form.

Car Seat Inspections

The Hillsdale Police Department Traffic Bureau offers a Car Seat Inspection Program for Hillsdale Residents. The Car Seat Inspection Program allows residents to have their child's car seat installed, or exsisting car seats inspected, by one of the Department's CERTIFIED Child Car Seat Installation Officer. P.O Ryan Norton is assigned to the Department's Traffic Bureau, and is a graduate of the State's Child Car Seat Installation Course. As a result, this officer, and ONLY this officer, is trained on child car seats and how they are to be properly used in a motor-vehicle.

Continued Maintenance

Please bear with us while we continue to strive to provide a better we presence for the Hillsdale Police Department. It is our goal to provide the residents of our community with a modern, up to date, and mobile friendly version of our website.

Currently we are examining our legacy content and removing old code in order to create a better web experience.

Thanks for you continued patience.


Borough of Hillsdale Police Department.


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