Firearms Bureau

Hillsdale Police Department Points of Contact for Firearms Permitting:
P.O. Matt
P.O. Brian Considine

The following are instructions for obtaining a New Jersey Firearms I.D. Card, Pistol Purchase Permit:
1: For N.J. Firearms I.D Card – for the purchase of all long arms

A. Fill out state police application; At the top of this application, indicate your intention to obtain a firearms id card by checking the box that states, “initial firearms identification purchaser card. This application can be found below:       Initial Application (S.T.S. 033)

B. Fill out mental health form and sign same.  Mental Health Records Check Consent Form (S.P. 66)
C. The Hillsdale Police Department does not require an appointment for the pickup or drop off of your firearms applications. An appointment is preferred so that your paperwork can be reviewed for accuracy and completeness so that your permitting process can proceed without delay. If you would like to make an appointment with a firearms applications officer, please visit or call the Hillsdale Poice Department (201-664-4200). Otherwise you can submit your paperwork by dropping it off at the Police Desk and it will be forwarded to the Firearms Bureau. 
D. All Applicants must be fingerprinted (State & Federal) by Morphotrak who is contracted by the State of New Jersey for all fingerprinting. You will be given the most current information on how to schedule your Morphotrak appointment. In addition you can obtain fingerprinting locations at the Morphotrak website.  

2: Handgun Purchase Permit

A. In order to apply for a pistol purchase permit you must already posess a Firearms I.D. Card OR you can apply for the Firearms I.D. Card at the time of your application for a Handgun Purchase Permit.  

B. Complete the same Initial Application as the Firearms I.D. Card  At the top of the form, check off the box that states, “application to purchase a handgun and indicate the number of permits you’re requesting. This form may be found below: Application (S.T.S. 033)  

3:   Concealed Carry/Permit to carry a handgun

A. Applicants requesting these permits are encourage to speak with a member of the Fireams .    

 Please note: Relatives may not be used as a reference / all applications must be properly filled out and completely legible or they will be returned without being processed. Applications are taking approximately 4-6 weeks to process, please be patient.

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