Flood Notification Process






Please see a copy of the recent notice given to all residents in flood-prone areas. This document was prepared in cooperation with the Borough of Hillsdale Office of Emergency Management. 


On behalf of the Hillsdale Emergency Services, we would like to remind you of our flood notification process.  

This neighborhood is prone to flooding, and below are recommendations so you can be notified in an appropriate manner. 

SwiftReach/Reverse 911

  • To sign up for SwiftReach/Reverse 911, please go to www.HillsdaleNJ.org and click on the SwiftReach/Reverse 911 tab. This service will place a phone call, text message, and e-mail to you directly when the Pascack Brook reaches Flood Stage 1 & 2 (3.5 feet & 4.5 feet). Please sign up for voice/text/email.
  • Follow the Office of Emergency Management & the Police Department on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for information regarding current and upcoming weather events. A post will be created to notify residents. Due to these events' ongoing and fluid nature, these posts will not be updated with real-time information.
  • Sign up for the Borough of Hillsdale e-mail notifications by going to www.HillsdaleNJ.org and scrolling down to ‘What’s Happening Now.’

Flood Stages 

  • Flood Stage 1 is when the Pascack Brook reaches 3.5 feet. At this time, the Police Department will begin making notifications as flooding is possible. The flood siren will go off, and a voice message will follow directly after. The Police Department or Fire Department will drive through the flood-prone areas and notify residents via PA notifications. Also, the Police Department administration, the Chief of the Fire Department, the DPW superintendent, the Borough Administrator, and the Mayor will all be notified by the police department.

We highly recommend at Flood Stage 1 that you move your vehicles to higher ground since experience has shown us that flood levels can rise quickly.

  • Flood Stage 2 is when the Pascack Brook reaches 4.5 feet. At this time, another flood siren will go off, followed directly by a voice message. 
  • Flood Emergency is when the Pascack Brook water has crested the banks. Again, a flood siren will go off, and a voice message will follow. Flood Emergency is the most severe notification, and significant flooding is imminent. 

Residents are strongly advised to leave their houses at Flood Stage 1. During a Flood Emergency, there is no guarantee that first responders can get to your house with a boat and help you to safety. 



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