Good Day Program

Over 10 years  ago the Hillsdale Police Department realized the need to keep in touch with members of our senior population. Many older members of our community live alone with little or no contact with friends or family members everyday. We felt that it would be beneficial for our department, as well as to the concerned families, to have contact with these people everyday.

The Good Day Program is quite simple. Each day members of our Good Day Program contact the Police Desk via phone before 11:00am.  Our Communications Personnel then record those members as having checked in.  At 11:00am we attempt to contact members who did not call in, first by trying to contact the member by phone.  Should that be unsuccessful, we dispatch an officer to the house. This is all done to ensure that our Good Day Members are okay.

For current Good-Day Members , we ask that you notify us if you will be away, so that we know not to expect your call. 

If you are interested in the program for yourself or a loved one, please stop by the Hillsdale Police Department and ask for a Good Day Application. 

If you have any questions regarding this program you can contact Dispatcher Lucia at (201)664-4200 or email her



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