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New Emergency Equipment

Recently, the Hillsdale Police Department acquired a used military “High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle” (HMMWV), or commonly referred to a HUMVEE.

The Hillsdale Police Department was able to acquire vehicle through the government’s “1033 Program” which was created to transfer excess military equipment to local law enforcement agencies at no cost to the municipalities. The "Law Enforcement Support Office" (LESO) administers the program and oversees the distribution of the equipment to local enforcement agencies. 

The model that the Hillsdale Police Department acquired is considered an “ambulance style vehicle” and will be used for utility purposes by the Department. Given its versatile nature we will be able use it during storms and high water incidents. 

Additionally, we will be able to load the vehicle barricades, cones and other over sized items that do not fit in our standard patrol vehicles so they can be quickly deployed in an emergency incident.




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